Best Local Museums–International Museum Day (May 18)

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When thinking of museums in the Valley, people rarely list off some of the cultural sites of Chandler. However, it should be known that some of the most interesting and enlightening spots in the Valley can be found in Chandler or a short drive from Noria. May 18th is International Museum Day, and in its honor, here are some of the best-known museums in the area.


Tumbleweed Ranch Museum

2250 S. McQueen Rd. Chandler, AZ

480-782-2874 • Open daily: 6 am – 6 pm  

Imagine living life as a farmer in the heart and heat of the desert! It’s easy at Tumbleweed Ranch – a collection of historic homes, vintage farm equipment, and early settler stories that pay tribute to the area’s rich agricultural past.


Arizona Railway Museum

330 East Ryan Road, Chandler, AZ

480-821-1108 • 12 pm – 4 pm daily until May 27

Take a trip into the past at the historic Arizona Railway Museum. Kids of all ages will love learning about rail travel, different types of railcars, and the mighty steam-powered machines that made it all possible. Features railroad memorabilia includes locomotives, freight boxcars, passenger cars plus a replica of an early train station, railway accessories and more. Hurry, the museum is open for limited hours each day and closes for the summer on May 27th.


Gilbert Historical Museum
10 S Gilbert Rd Gilbert, AZ

480.926.1577 • 9 am to 4 pm Tue-Sat

The Gilbert Historical Museum may be a short ride northeast of Chandler, but it’s collections are well worth the travel. The space holds a number of artifacts and mementos that tell of the area’s rich and bountiful history, and it’s a great stop for kids.

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