Best Breeds of Furry Friends for Apartment Living

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Many people think that man’s best friend isn’t necessarily well suited for apartment-style living, but this isn’t always the case. Additionally, many people seem to think that all small dogs are adaptable to apartment living — but in reality some breeds’ high energy and loud demeanor (chihuahuas come to mind, here) aren’t always conducive to peaceful apartment living.

So what breeds make the cut when it comes to smaller, urban enclaves? Look no further than the following:


Pugs are a great size for apartments, and while active, they’re not overly energetic. Pugs love regular walks and tossing a toy around a bit, so if you’re more of the couch potato type, you might want to skip this breed. Pugs are described as charming, outgoing and friendly — great if you’re close with your neighbors, or have an accommodating roommate.


Small and compact, Beagles are ideal apartment dogs. They’re known for being social, and have loving personalities. Living in Arizona, they’re also very tolerant to our hot weather — much more so than colder climates. Beagles are kid friendly for those with families, and while they’re small in size, they have a need for consistent exercise.


People with allergies are in the clear with Yorkies, as these dogs are hypoallergenic and don’t shed. They can be trained on pee pads, and while energetic, their size means that they’re not going to take much room to become worn out. They’re also known for bonding quickly with their owners, so if you’re quick to fall in love — they are, too.

Whatever breed has caught your eye, just remember to contact your property management team for pet regulations before you pick out your next pup.

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